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Brazilian Pine

In order to preserve its unique appearance and unmistaken character, no attempt is made to conceal the natural flaws and variations in the timber used. Knots, soft texture and variation in colours or any other blemishes however small are all part of the unique experience of pine furniture.

With the passing of age the colour will darken, doors and drawers may shrink and splits may occur, this is not seen as defective as it highlights the natural beauty of the timber.

All drawer bases should be line with paper before putting clothes inside as timber contain natural resin, which is difficult to be removed.

The type of pine used is not the same as that used by European manufacturers. The grain is more open and there are different types of knots, shakes and naturally occurring blemishes. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the product reaches the customer in the best possible condition, due to the nature of the timber there will always be features and marks that may appear to be manufacturing faults but are actually naturally occurring.

Due to the nature of the timber it is possible that marks can be made to it during assembly. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that it is assembled on a flat surface clear of any small items that could dent or scratch the products, a freshly hoovered carpet would be the ideal surface.

Following a recognition that most other products supplied to the market are very thin we have made a conscious effort to make our products much chunkier and sturdier. Therefore all our products are made using 21mm and 32mm thick timber. The drawer sides and backs are made from 21mm thick pine to ensure that the product is strong and durable.

All of the products are easy to assemble with very clear instructions included with each piece of furniture.

The furniture is constructed using a combination of screws, dowels and glue. This ensures that the finished product is very sturdy.

Universal components are used to ensure that the quantity of spare parts required is kept to a minimum.

Flat pack products: All of the products are packaged in very strong double walled cardboard boxes to minimize the risk of damage during transport and handling. The products are packaged to ensure that the weight of each box complies with current manual handling regulations.

All products are made of 100% solid pine (except drawer bases and back panels ). A ll the parts which have been colour lacquered are made of MDF to ensure a superb even finish.

We reserve the right to change any product or its design without further notice. All the information provide, ie: dimensions, colours, were right at the time the site/brochure was made available. Images shown on this site and colour on this site may not match the actual products purchased due to monitor settings. 

Caring for your Product

Care guide

To ensure our customers spend time enjoyining their acquisition all you have to do to maintain its natural look is wipe with a damp cloth, no other sophisticated cleaning materials.

Recommended method of storage

It must be stored in a dry room or similar storage facilities. Some boxes must be carried by two people. If products are assembled pay due care and attention to transport and handling of the items. Always in the upright positon.